Phakic IOL

If you've been told one of these:

"Your number is too high we can't fix it with laser"
"Your cornea is not suitable for laser"

There is a solution for you: Phakic IOL


What is Phakic IOL ?

phakic intraocular lens

Phakic IOL is the latest evolution in refractive implants that can correct moderate to severe myopia (nearsightedness) with or without astigmatism.

For example, people with myopia above 10 cannot be treated with excimer laser. As another example, there may be people whose corneas are not suitable for laser (Lasik and PRK) regardless of their number. Phakic IOL can be a perfect solution for those selected individuals.

In Phakic IOL surgery, special design artificial lens is placed inside the eye in a brief, painless outpatient procedure. They provide permanent high quality vision correction without the need for removal or cleaning like a common contact lens.

Brief information about Phakic IOL surgery:

  • The operation takes place in operating room. It takes about 30 minutes per eye
  • It’s performed with general anesthesia
  • The patient can be discharged on the same day after fully awakening
  • Recovery takes couple days
  • Phakic IOL surgery has unique important advantage which is the increase in the patient’s visual capacity. In most cases best-corrected visual acuity increase 2 or more lines

Advantages of the
Phakic IOL
over LASIK or PRK

  • Quality of Vision – Because the ICL is manufactured to a high level of optical quality, it produces a crispness and clarity of vision that leaves many patients saying, “Wow, I’ve never seen this well.” Night vision is particularly exceptional.
  • Biocompatibility – The collagen copolymer material of the ICL is not considered a foreign object by the body’s immune system.
  • Comfort -You can’t feel the ICL in your eye.
  • Invisibility – No one else can see the ICL in your eye.
  • Simplicity- Unlike traditional contact lenses, once the ICL is implanted, there is no additional maintenance needed.
  • Removability – The ICL is designed to be permanently placed in the eye. However, the lens can be removed if your vision changes or if it needs to be removed or replaced for any reason.

Is your cornea not suitable for laser?

Maybe Phakic IOL is the answer for you!