What is the Computer Eye Disease ?

Today, computers have become an important part of business life and social life. As a result, a number of eye complaints have become frequent in humans. Complaints arise with long-term computer use.


Especially in children and young age groups, eye disturbances can be experienced due to the hours spent on computer games.

Also smart cell phones and tablets are very common today, as they are available in all age groups.

The end result of such widespread display is a new sickness group. This group disorder is called “computer eye disease”.

Symptoms ?

Eye fatigue

blurred vision

double vision (diplopia)

dry feeling in eyes, itching, redness

head-shoulder-back pain

and fatigue are common symptoms.

There are a number of reasons for these complaints to appear. The most important of these is decreasing number of blinks after we have looked carefully at the screen. Normally unaware, we are blink about 15 times per minute. This number drops around 5 while we using computer. With so few blinks, the tear propagates to the eye surface and evaporation increases. Screen heat also worsens the situation. This leads to dryness and cause complaints such as stinging, burning, blurred vision and dryness.

Incorrect working position, inadequate lighting, presence of uncorrected visual impairment (for example uncorrected astigmatism) are other important problems.